Guangdong Ranks First in Number of 5G Base Stations & Users in China

Updated:2020/10/12 21:22

From January to August this year, 61,625 new 5G base stations were built in Guangdong Province, completing 128.4% of the provincial government’s target number 48,000. The total number of 5G users and 5G base stations in Guangdong has respectively reached 20.74 million and 98,613, with the number of macro base stations accounting for 15% of the country’s total. The number of uses and base stations both rank first in China.

There are 30,591 base stations in Shenzhen, 23,555 in Guangzhou, 8,305 in Dongguan and 7,472 in Foshan. 5G network has basically covered the whole of Shenzhen, making it the first city to realize full coverage of 5G independent networking. Continuous coverage of 5G network in Guangzhou and wide coverage of 5G network in central urban areas of the Pearl River Delta has been realized. In the meantime, Guangdong started first in China the construction of 700M 5G base stations.

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