Beijing Has Totally Rolled out 44,000 5G Base Stations

Updated:2020/9/10 15:20

Till the end of this August, Beijing has totally rolled out 44,000 5G base stations, and this number is expected to reach more than 50,000 till the end of 2020, realizing the outdoor continuous coverage within the fifth ring road and urban subcenters as well as the precision coverage of key areas and typical application scenarios beyond the fifth ring road.

Currently, Beijing takes a leading position in China as it has 5.06 million 5G users, and three operators have totally rolled out more than 1,000 projects with related vertical industries.

Up to now, basic telecommunication enterprises in Beijing have fulfilled the construction, optimization and general layout of 5G SA core network comprehensively. Network elements at core network side are able to support the access to base stations, all of the 44,000 built-up 5G base stations have connected to SA core network and realized the full coverage of 5G SA. 

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