Tencent Announces a 5-year Investment of 500b-yuan in New Infrastructure

Updated:2020/5/27 17:10

On May 26th, Tang Daosheng, President of Cloud and Smart Industry Business Group, Tencent, announced that Tencent will invest 500 billion yuan in the next five years for the further layout of new infrastructure.

It is reported that Tencent's investment directions include cloud computing, AI, block-chain, servers, large data centers, super-computing centers, Internet of things operating systems, 5G networks, audio and video communications, network security, quantum computing, which will be the top investment priority of Tencent.

In terms of data centers, Tencent will gradually build various large-scale data centers with millions of servers across the country. Meanwhile, according to the industrial technological innovation needs, Tencent will attach great importance to the construction of Yunqi industrial bases, industrial Internet bases, innovation centers, industrial parks, etc.

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