The Bid Price of Taiwan 5G Spectrum Breaks NT$ One Hundred Billion

Updated:2020/1/11 12:24

According to the Taiwanese media, it is the 19th day for bidding of Taiwan 5G spectrum and the frequency band of 3.5GHz drives the total amount to break NT$ one hundred billion formally and reach NT$100.5 billion upon bidding of 190 rounds. The bid price of 300M of 3.5GHz as “the golden frequency band” has been up to NT$ 98.8 billion.

As per the analysis by market insiders, if no operators compromise or give up partial spectrum demand, the amount will rise continuously. In the following, we shall note whether the bid price of 5G spectrum will exceed the “ceiling” of NT$118.65 billion of 4G spectrum in its first bidding.

As expected previously, the bidding will be concluded at the end of 2019, but this competitive bidding is too fierce to decide the winner now.

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