Hainan Opened 507 5G Base Stations to Cover All Counties

Updated:2019/10/13 23:30

Wang Jing, director of Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hainan Province, said that as of this September, a total of 507 5G base stations has been opened in Hainan, achieving full coverage of 5G network in all cities and counties in Hainan, including Sansha and Yangpu Economic Development Zone. The coverage in key areas such as Haikou and Boao is better. Hainan has taken the lead in 5G coverage in all counties compared with other provinces in China.

From 2015 to 2018, 130,000 kilometers in jacket length of optical cables, 9,000 towers and 23,000 4G network base stations were built in Hainan; as of August 2019, 6 submarine optical cables have been built, with 6,100 Gbps of outbound Internet bandwidth, which is an over four times increase than that of the beginning of 2015. In Boao and the trans-island high-speed railway, a high-quality 4G network has been built.

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