Shandong: 5G to Add Value of Over 650 Billion Yuan to Related Industries in 2023

Updated:2019/10/10 20:26

Recently, Shandong Province issued "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of 5G Industry", proposing that by 2020, Shandong Province will realize complete coverage of 5G network in key urban districts, and take the lead in China for 5G commercialization in scale.

By 2023, the 5G network in urban areas of county level or above in Shandong will be completely covered, and the network scale, user scale and traffic scale will be advanced in China. About 5-8 leading enterprises should be cultivated or attracted; over 100 enterprises with core competitiveness in 5G industrial chain should be cultivated; 1-2 10-billion-level industrial clusters should be built, and 5G's' added value to related industries such as next generation information technology should exceed 650 billion yuan.

The document also mentioned that Shandong will launch a number of policies to guarantee 5G development; cities are encouraged to set up 5G development special fund to actively attract social capital to 5G innovation projects; colleges and universities in Shandong are encouraged to set up 5G related majors; base station rental fees, resource occupation and other costs should be reduced or exempted.

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