Wang Jianzhou: 5G Cannot Proceed Without TDD Technology

Updated:2018/3/23 16:54

5G became the most prominent theme at the Post MWC18 China Week Sharing session, which was held on March 20th in Beijing. Wang Jianzhou, senior consultant of GSMA and president of China Association for Public Companies, made a brilliant speech on 5G industry development and future prospects.

Chinese enterprises, including operators, equipment manufactures and Internet service providers, have made great contributions to the promotion of 5G standards, especially in the adoption of TDD technology in 5G, which was proposed by China; he stressed, "We have been pushing TDD, technologies that have evolved from 3G, 4G until 5G, while the situation is constantly changing. In 3G era, this technology is only adopted by China Mobile; in 4G era, more than 50 countries and regions used TDD, while in 5G era, as I learnt in the Mobile World Congress 2018, all the countries that have launched 5G frequency plans adopt TDD standard."

"As a pioneer of this technology, I have experienced a lot. We used to say that the biggest advantage of TDD is flexible allocation of uplink and downlink frequency resources, which can be very useful. Over the years, whenever I meet with CEOs of foreign operators , at first, I can only weakly ask them: can you try? Now it is different, all the 5G plans launched so far are based on TDD, its advantageous flexibility has been thoroughly reflected and applied", he said.

Operators should share frsequency resources

Looking back at MWC2018, the deficiency of 5G industry development is mobile device, no particular inspiring one was found in the exhibition. "I believe 5G will bring tremendous changes to devices, today's mobile phone is like a personal information center, in the future, mobile phone will become intelligent control center of a person's smart devices. One direct change is the screen, folding screen will be available in the near future. The battery and operating system will also go through big differences."

The other defect is frequency. 5G downlink peak rate could reach 20G with some prerequisites, namely at least 100MHz frequency in each operator by the ITU standards. "There are only two ways to solve this problem: one is to use millimeter-wave. The other is resource sharing. I hope operators could share their frequencies, accessing systems, even the entire system", Wang said.

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