3 Major Chinese Operators Performances in August Release

Updated:2017/9/21 13:14

China's three major operators have released the operation data in August recently.

China Unicom

Its mobile subscribers reached 273 million with 2.326 million net additions. A 7.492 million increase happened to its 4G user base, totaling 153 million.

Its fixed broadband subscribers rose just 10,000 in the month to 76.989 million while its local telephone subscribers reduced 483,000 to 62.489 million.

China Mobile

Its mobile subscribers hit 873.727 million with 3.87 million net additions. A 10.852 million growth happened to its 4G user base, totaling 616.825 million.

Its fixed broadband subscribers climbed 3.19 million to 98.934 million.

China Telecom

China Telecom gained new 2.66 million mobile subscribers in August with the total reaching 235.49 million.

Its 4G subscribers surged 4.71 million to 161.76 million.

The company has taken the fixed broadband user base to 129.77 million with 800,000 additions.

However, its local telephone subscribers kept declining 370,000 to 123.6 million.

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