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Yunnan Telecom and TCL launch smart TV

Updated:2011/11/24 17:31

Yunnan Telecom and Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL Corporation have joined forces to launch a smart TV that supports China Telecom's IPTV platform.

Their partnership will also include possible future co-operation on content, services, products, and sales, according to the Marbridge Daily.

Ma Shan, deputy general manager of Yunnan Telecom, said the iTV HD IPTV service currently offers 106 live channels, six channels of free HD programming and 60 channels of free on-demand HD programming. Functionality includes time-shifting, interactive on-demand programming, true HDTV, local highlights, and smart applications.

The content operator for the new partnership has not been named. In previous arrangements, TCL has announced deals with Hangzhou-based DTV and IPTV operator Wasu Digital TV and CCTV's national online TV station CNTV.

An industry insider told Marbridge that Yunnan Telecom's partnership with TCL could be a blow to cable DTV and set-top box (STB) services.

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