China Telecom: Create A RMB100-valued Pure VoLTE Cellphone

Updated:2020/7/3 17:01

Shen Shaoai, a technical innovation counselor of China Telecom said that, by May 2020, there are totally 481 terminals that support VoLTE and 127 million VoLTE users. He estimated that by the end of this year, the number of VoLTE users will reach 200 million.

In 2020, China Telecom will accelerate the promotion of pure VoLTE cellphones and encourage more 4G users who don’t use VoLTE to shift to VoLTE. Two pure VoLTE cellphones with the price respectively set at RMB100 and RMB199 will be created to replace the existing 2/3G phones so as to meet the needs of users.

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