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CBN Launches a Pilot Program for Fixed Telephone Services

Updated:2023/12/18 19:07

According to CBN Shandong Network Co., Ltd., the company held a fixed telephone business landing and operation briefing on December 4th, during which the preparation work, policy requirements, and next steps of fixed telephone were announced and interpreted.

At the meeting, Liu Hongchang, member of the company's Party Committee, director, and deputy general manager, mentioned that CBN Shandong Company is one of the first pilot provincial network companies, and should attach great importance to the implementation and operation of fixed telephone business. The fixed telephone service is the last piece of puzzle that evolves from a single television transmission enterprise to a fully licensed operator. It is an important component of CBN's "1+4" strategy, a deep exploration of the value of the broadcasting network, and can help the public and government enterprise businesses achieve new development. We should follow the positioning of "functional completion, demand driven, family foundation, and government enterprise innovation" to do a good job in operation.

It has made arrangements for the operation of fixed line services:

During the pilot operation period of fixed telephone, the key direction of its public customer business is to "promote new additions with fixed (television) and fixed (telephone), and promote strong integration with fixed (television) through fixed (telephone)", that is, to use fixed television to drive new additions of fixed telephone, use fixed telephone to promote the integration of fixed television, and achieve mutual support and two-way empowerment.

The second is to follow the "three-step" strategy of piloting the company's TV employee families first, promoting to TV users after the pilot, and then expanding to the whole society, actively and steadily advancing in stages and steps.

Thirdly, in terms of government and enterprise business, it is necessary to complete the replacement of office telephones for provincial-level, municipal, and county-level companies by the end of the year, and pilot the company's own fixed line business. At the same time, it is necessary to explore and reserve group customers with fixed line needs in advance, and gradually expand to government and enterprise customers after the pilot is successful.

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