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China Mobile Releases 400G OTN Centralized Procurement Results

Updated:2023/12/5 16:21

According to official information from China Mobile, the highly anticipated "China Mobile Interprovincial Backbone Transmission Network 400G OTN New Technology Experimental Network Equipment Centralized Procurement Project" has completed the bidding process and announced the winning bidder candidates. The project is divided into packages, allowing bidders to win a maximum of one package simultaneously.

From the results of centralized procurement, Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technology Services Co., Ltd. jointly obtained Package 1 (400G OTN test network plane); ZTE Co., Ltd. was awarded Package 2 (East of 400G OTN Test Network Plan 2); The consortium of FiberHome  Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan FiberHome Technology Services Co., Ltd. has won the bid for Package 3 (West of 400G OTN Test Network Plan II).

According to the bidding announcement, the centralized procurement product is the new equipment for the 400G OTN test network, with an estimated procurement scale of 1910 new OTN devices and 11190 OTU ports for the 400G line. The expected fulfillment period for this procurement demand is one year.

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