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Number of 5G Users in China are Expected to Reach 10 Million by the End of This Year

Updated:2019/11/7 22:29

According to Chen Jinqiao, deputy chief engineer of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), it is estimated that the total number of 5G subscribers in the 50 cities with 5G commercial services available will be around 6 million to 8 million, and the number might even be over 10 million, based on the current number of subscribers and conversion rate of the 5G commercial service packages.

Beijing,as the capital of China, demonstrates its exemplary and piloting role in terms of 5G construction. At present, the number of 5G base stations in Beijing accounts for one-eighth of the total 5G base station number in China. But it is hard to examine the potential of users with the only indicator of infrastructure. To find out the potential of users, it also depends on how well the communication operators and Internet companies are doing and will do.

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