GOKO Launches First-ever Smart Mopping Robot Vacuum R30 on CES

Updated:2024/1/15 11:14

Las Vegas, January 9, GOKO, an emerging player in smart home industry, unveils the world's first smart mopping robot vacuum R30 at CES 2024.

Different from the usual dual-functioning robot vacuums, R30 can deal with both wet and dry waste at the same time with its newest patented technology

Imagine the most annoying spills: soy sauce, dried-on ketchup, broken egg on the floor. None of these stand a chance against the GOKO R30.

Dual Multi-cone Cyclone

GOKO’s patented technology, the Dual Multi-cone Cyclone, redefines cleanly mopped floors with running water and sets R30 apart with its ability to clean itself while it cleans the floors.

The Dual Multi-cone Cyclone enable dust, liquid and air can be completely separated in both the robot and the station. ensuring that 99% of solid and liquid waste is intercepted within the wastewater tank in the robot. GOKO is the first one to realize HEPA remained dry while vacuum wet waste.

Cleaningwith Running Water Every Second

The robot cleaner works by spraying the roller brush with fresh water from 8 nozzles, after which waste was vacuumed into onboard 210ml wastewater tank.

The long-bristle roller brush with 1200 revolutions per minute (RPM) enables the waste easily spined into the wastewater tank so that once the brush passes over dirty floors, its surface comes back as clean as when it started.

With this design, regular mopping jobs come out cleaner, and major spills can be easily handled, even the most stubborn stains can be scrubbed with no residue left behind.

All-in-one Station

R30’s all-in-one station is just as smart as the robot vacuum itself, with the most hands-off operation you could ask for.

When its wastewater tank is full, the robot will return to the station and all waste will be emptied with large particle in the filter mesh, which can be disposed easily with no worries of clogged drains.

Once the robot vacuum docks, the roller brush cleans itself, running a rinse cycle in a washing machine to remove all dirt and debris, and then dries with 60°C warm plate to prevent odors and bacteria spread.

The station bottom plate is flat, and it gets clean with just a simple wipe.

Other Highlights Expected from GOKO R30

The R30 is equipped with all the high-tech features that can be found in other premium robot vacuums:

Intelligent path planning and obstacle avoidance

Up to 180 minutes of continuous operation

dToF radar and clearance height of 8.9cm

Threshold crossing of 2cm

Ultrasonic carpet detection

Customized app and voice control

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