Pioneering with 5G: China's First 5G e-Government Private Network in Pingshan Shenzhen

Updated:2022/11/23 10:32

As 5G develops, it is playing an increasingly important role in the construction of "new infrastructure", and is providing strong support for the development of diverse industries and for satisfying people's increasing requirements on information and communication. To deliver better mobile government services, Pingshan's Government Services and Data Management Bureau (referred to as "the Bureau") in Shenzhen, China worked with China Mobile and Huawei to launch the country's first 5G e-Government private network.

This is another pioneering move of Pingshan, after taking the lead in completing 5G construction in the region. The Bureau, China Mobile, and Huawei set up a work team for establishing the e-Government private network for both government users and individual citizen users, aiming to relieve the network burden caused by the increase of mobile terminals, applications, and data on the Pingshan e-Government network. This is also the first case for both China Mobile and Huawei to build a 5G private network for individual users. The parties have made concrete efforts during solution design, device commissioning, and network construction, and addressed many problems, for example, uplink traffic steering, public and private network traffic differentiation and direction.

This network is China's first 5G e-Government private network and first private network for individual users, marking a milestone step forward in 5G application.

This 5G e-Government private network offsets the limitations of conventional wireless government networks. It fully utilizes 5G's features, such as high bandwidth, high rate, and low latency, as well as network slicing technology. In this way, it gains the following advantages:

More secure: A private network is built in specified areas of Pingshan using 5G base stations. Benefiting from the edge computing technologies, data can be locally stored and processed, greatly improving data security.

More efficient: 5G features high bandwidth and low latency. The downlink rate is up to 1 Gbit/s, which guarantees high-speed data transfer.

More powerful: This e-Government private network has larger capacity than conventional Wi-Fi networks and can accommodate thousands of concurrent users. Users can seamlessly access the network in any scenario or any location without service interruptions. Moreover, bandwidth resources can be flexibly allocated to meet different requirements in different scenarios.

More convenient: Users do not need to change their cards or numbers. They can use one card to access and flexibly switch between the 5G public network and the e-Government private network.

More cost-effective: The e-Government private network traffic is separately charged, which can greatly reduce costs. Meanwhile, 5G video devices can be flexibly deployed without fibers, greatly reducing the construction duration and costs.

Currently, multiple mobile service applications, such as, the office automation system, video platform, 5G camera control platform, and 3D map, have been integrated to the 5G e-Government private network. This network serves as the fundamental infrastructure for adopting smart applications in Pingshan. In the future, this network will integrate more e-Government applications and benefit more citizens and civil servants.

Pingshan district will further explore innovative 5G applications in key industries, incubate a set of standardized, feasible, and easy-to-promote industry solutions, and strive to achieve high-quality development.

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