TSMC Maintain Cooperation with Huawei: Two Paths

Updated:2020/7/29 23:27

According to Taiwan media, TSMC is trying to maintain its long-term cooperation with Huawei through two paths. In Semiconductor Industry Association, it strives to categorize chips into standards, except non-5G Base Station chips, like cellphones, AI and so on, so that they could supply products to Huawei. If US government continues its suppression, they will find indirect cooperation with Huawei through chip manufacturers like Qualcomm and MTK.

Earlier before, HiSilicon chips were banned because US government regarded them as customized products for Huawei. These products are different from those standard chips produced by suppliers like Qualcomm and MTK to many mobile phone manufacturers. According to sources, US is unlikely to release HiSilicon, but Huawei could purchase mobile phone chips from Qualcomm and MTK.

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