Launching AITO M5, the First SUV to Feature Huawei's HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit

Updated:2021/12/23 19:45

On December 23, at HUAWEI Flagship Product Launch, an intelligent luxury SUV offering optimal driving experience — AITO M5 — is officially rolled out. AITO M5 is equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE electrical system and the HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit. This intelligent vehicle is expected to redefine smart mobility.

From AUTO to AITO — Adding Intelligence To Auto — "Intelligence" represents huge changes to mobility. Oriented to the era of intelligent vehicles, the AITO brand is committed to building a people-centered intelligent automotive ecosystem. With this goal in mind, AITO M5 was designed. AITO M5 adopts the ultimate aesthetic design language and improves the driving experience with excellent performance. More importantly, AITO M5 features HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit, abundant vehicle applications, and HUAWEI SOUND, offering users an intelligent experience at home, in the office, or on the go. AITO M5's launch not only marks a historic shift of vehicles from a tool for transport to an intelligent mobile space, but also fills in the key automotive gap for Huawei to build an AI ecosystem for a better connected, intelligent world.

"Focusing on the All-Scenario AI Life strategy, Huawei uses its ICT capabilities built in over 30 years to empower the automotive industry with unparalleled intelligent driving experience. It aims to bring digital to every vehicle, helping OEMs further improve and sell more vehicles. AITO M5, the latest product of Huawei's continuous innovation and high level of expertise, will lead us to a new era of smart mobility," said Richard Yu, Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer Business Group, and CEO of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU, Huawei.

Ultimate Aesthetic Design Leads Sports Fashion

AITO M5 has a 2880 mm wheelbase, enabling a flexible body posture and a larger cabin. Featuring 20-inch all-aluminum wheel drums and 0.32 Cd ultra-low aerodynamic drag coefficient, AITO M5 is sporty like a supercar while retaining the steadiness of an SUV. The interior design is simple but smart, including a 10.4-inch curved full-LCD dashboard, a 15.6-inch 2K HDR intelligent central display, and a wireless charging area, making it much easier to operate the vehicle. In addition, the 2-m2 panoramic sunroof provides users with an open view and comfortable experience. Furthermore, AITO M5 comes in six metallic exterior colors and three interior colors, offering 18 color options.

Superior Performance Ensures Extraordinary Driving Experience

Equipped with HUAWEI DriveONE, AITO M5 can generate 3.2 kWh electricity with one liter of fuel through the 1.5T four-cylinder range extender 3.0. The range of a fully charged and filled AITO M5 reaches 1242 km according to China light-duty vehicle test cycle (CLTC), alleviating consumers' range anxiety. With an intelligent four-wheel drive (4WD) model that features a front asynchronous AC motor and a rear permanent-magnet synchronous motor, AITO M5's power can reach 365 kW , enabling the SUV to zip from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds , comparable to supercars. The five driving modes, three range extension options, and four energy recovery levels make AITO M5 the ideal SUV for consumers that need improved driving control. On top of that, the aluminum alloy chassis features double-wishbone (front) and multi-link (rear) independent suspension mostly seen in high-end and luxury cars, ensuring optimal stability and comfort. Additionally, the 20-inch high-performance tires and Bosch iBooster intelligent braking system further improve the driving experience.

HarmonyOS Connects the Vehicle to Everything

AITO M5 is the first vehicle to feature the latest HarmonyOS Smart Cockpit, delivering a comfortable, user-friendly, and immersive driving experience. HarmonyOS bridges the information gaps between different devices, meaning vehicles that adopt this feature transition from data silos to super terminals that seamlessly communicate with people, mobile phones, smart homes, and smart wearables. As such, users can fully enjoy the convenience of vehicles that are connected to everything. The intelligence of vehicles has reached a new height through multiple futuristic technologies such as Celia Suggestions (an industry-leading intelligent voice assistant), Petal Maps (an in-vehicle map with excellent navigation experience), and the omnipotent digital car key.

Meanwhile, HUAWEI SOUND works with HUAWEI Music and HUAWEI Video — which provide high-quality, multi-channel audio and video content — to bring an unprecedented sound experience that relies on innovative technologies and audio aesthetics. HUAWEI AppGallery is also installed on AITO, and specifically adopted for intelligent vehicle applications. It encompasses the robust HarmonyOS application ecosystem and recommends the latest and most popular vehicle applications.

Optimal Driving Experience as a Standard

AITO M5 creates a comfortable, luxury cockpit that addresses needs from aspects such as sight, hearing, smell, and touch, allowing users to sit back and relax — both physically and mentally. The Intelligent Clean Air System (ICAS) automatically detects the ambient air quality and works with the exclusive odor control system to ensure the cabin air is always fresh. The noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) control system, built on both hardware and software, creates a library-class quiet cockpit, ensuring a comfortable environment within the vehicle. The configurations of the smart lighting signals, L2+ automated driving assistance, and V2L reverse charging make the vehicle considerably easier and safer to drive.

Huawei Empowers AITO M5 to Unveil a New Era of Smart Mobility

AITO M5 — which integrates Huawei's advantages in industrial design, engineering technologies, system software, and the HarmonyOS ecosystem — will be presented as a Huawei Zhixuan offering. It fully demonstrates Huawei's commitment to helping OEMs make good vehicles better and increase sales.

Three versions of AITO M5 are pre-sold at prices ranging from CNY 25,000 to CNY 32,000.AITO M5 will be showcased at 180 Huawei stores in 42 cities from December 23, 2021. Test drives and vehicle reservation will be available at 500 Huawei stores in 118 cities from January 20, 2022. Users can schedule test drives on AITO's official website and the My HUAWEI app.

Consumers who reserve the first batch of AITO M5 can enjoy the basic maintenance policy, basic vehicle service rights, and free IoV traffic. The first 10,000 consumers can also receive a configuration package worth CNY10,000, and enjoy first priority for vehicles released early. In addition, HUAWEI Card holders can enjoy many exclusive rights and services such as cashback on fuel, cashback on payment, road rescue, owner insurance, and free annual card fee.

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