China's Production of Optic Cable Has Reached 140 Million Fiber-Km in the First Half of 2021

Updated:2021/7/22 14:12

National Bureau of Statistics of China has revealed that the national output of optical cable topped 26.727 million fiber-km in June 2021, boosting the first half of the year cumulative output to 140.046 million fiber-km with a year-on-year cumulative increase of 5.9%.

Since 2021, there has been no large-scale optical cable centralized purchase by the three major operators, who are the major customers of domestic optical fiber and cable manufacturers. Only China Mobile had centralized purchase of ribbon cable and bow-type drop cable.

However, the "Dual Gigabit Network Coordinated Development Action Plan" will promote and safeguard the stable market demand for optical fiber and cable. What’s more, other countries are ploughing more money into investing in information infrastructure to bridge the huge digital development gap during this pandemic period. As reported by CRU, the global fiber-optic cable industry is expected to grow 7% year on year in 2021 due to the resurgent market.

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