SMIC's Gross Profit in 1Q21 Up 147.6% YoY

Updated:2021/5/18 15:03

The recently released 1Q21 financial report of SMIC shows that in 1Q21, SMIC recorded the revenue of $1.104 billion, up 22.0% YoY from $905 million in 1Q20, and a gross profit of $158.9 million, up 147.6% YoY from $64 million in 1Q20.

In analysis by geography, mainland China and Hong Kong accounted for 55.6% of SMIC’s total revenue in 1Q21, compared with 61.5% in 1Q20; North America accounted for 27.7%, compared with 25.5% in 1Q20; Europe and Asia accounted for 16.7%, compared with 12.9% in 1Q20.

The 3 leading technologies (proportion) contributing to revenue from wafers are 55/65nm (32.8%), 0.15/0.18µm (30.3%), and 40/45nm (16.3%).

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