Chengdong Yu: Sales of Huawei Cellphones Was Not Cut Down but Increased in March

Updated:2020/4/12 22:47

Although faced with the global epidemic and American sanctions, Huawei still maintained a steady sales growth in the first quarter of 2020. According to Chengdong Yu, the CEO of Huawei Customer Business Group, the Brand “Huawei” (not including “Honor”) achieved 70%-80% year-on-year retail sales growth in March.

“Although the market fell in whole, our sales rose instead.” He revealed that the sales revenue of Huawei cellphones realized a year-on-year increase in the first quarter.

Chengdong Yu said, the novel coronavirus epidemic severely impacted the global consumer market, and the oversea market would expect longer impact.

Besides cellphones, sales of Huawei’s PC, tablet PC, CPE, router, and portable Wi-Fi experienced a considerable growth during the epidemic, especially the sales of PCs and tablet PCs, which increased 100%-200% in the first quarter.

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