Scalpers Bade the Price of Huawei Mate X up to 100,000 yuan

Updated:2019/11/19 23:55

The 5G fold-screen mobile phone of Huawei-Mate X was snapped up soon after its re-launching for sale yesterday morning at 10:08. The next round won’t be opened till November 22.

Some netizens revealed that, on many secondhand trade platforms, buyers would offer a price 1000 or 2000 higher than the original price (16999 yuan) just to get one Mate X. What’s more, seeing a business opportunity in the booming sales of Mate X, some scalpers bade the price up to 40,000~60,000 yuan and up, even to 100,000 yuan. Viewers on the Internet commented in shock: “My Gosh! A car won’t cost that much money!”

According to industry insiders: aside from the welcomed new product form of fold-screen 5G mobile phone, the shortage in supply is also a main reason for the hungry market of Mate X.

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