Huawei Wins TM Forum's Certification for Pioneering Autonomous Core Network Level Assessment

Updated:2024/6/28 11:28

This year's DTW24-Ignite summitfocused on the transition from Digital Telco to AI-Native Telco, drawing over 200 carriers globally. TM Forum led10 carriers in the inaugural assessment of the "High-Stability Core Network Construction and Operation" scenario, which is aligned with 3GPP's technical standards. And through experience and result analysis of pilot customers, a comprehensive evaluation system of autonomous network levels was formed. This also marks a significant milestone in the autonomous core network and heralds a new era of O&M intelligence in core networks.

  Award receiving

Autonomous Network Level (ANL) assessment covers construction and troubleshooting of high-stability core networks, focusing on the pilot projects across four dimensions: perception, analysis, decision-making, and execution. Huawei, leveraging assessment indicators and live network data, assists carriers in defining core network innovation goals, fortifying carrier-grade stability, bolstering infrastructure reliability, and enhancing network resilience. The approach upholds proactive troubleshooting and provides a systematic methodology to achieve a zero-X (zero wait, zero touch, and zero trouble) experience, elevating core network reliability for advanced intelligent operations.

Looking ahead, Huawei commits to advancing the standards for autonomous core networks, collaborating on the evaluation criteria and autonomous network levels, and propelling networks towards a higher AN level. By leveraging the competitive products and solutions, Huawei aims to assist customers in transitioning towards AN L4 and collectively usher in a new era of autonomous core networks.

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