Zhejiang Mobile &Huawei Foster Intelligent O&M with Multimodal Foundation Model

Updated:2024/2/26 16:00

In line with China Mobile's goal of building an autonomous network with optimal quality, low O&M costs, fast rollout, simplified operations, and high resource efficiency, Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei promote the Digital Assistant & Digital Expert (DAE) equipped with the multi-modal foundation model capabilities, enabling intelligent E2E O&M for 5GtoB services.

Fast Rollout of 5GtoB Services

Since its commercial use, the 5GtoB solution has enabled innovative applications in various industries, boosting enterprises' digital transformation. With advanced technologies such as scenario-based data configuration foundation models and O&M robotic process automation (RPA), Zhejiang Mobile significantly improves the service rollout efficiency, shortening the 5G private network rollout time from five days to only one day.

Simplified O&M for5GtoB Services

It has long been a difficulty in handling complaints about 5GtoB services. But now the complaint classification assistant based on the DAE steps in to make complaint handling much easier. It accurately extracts key fields in the complaint trouble tickets and classifies recurring complaints with an accuracy of over 90% (increased from 40%). After the complaints are classified, it automatically invokes the complaint demarcation APIs to complete demarcation and fill in the trouble tickets.

Signaling analysis has been the key to troubleshooting and handling complaints. As there are massive signaling processes with complex interactions on the core network, only experts with years of experience are eligible to analyze those processes. High technical requirements and time-consuming manual analysis call for a tech-expert to take charge. The signaling analysis expert simplifies this work through dialog-based Q&A, empowering inexperienced employees to provide the root causes and related cases for reference.

As for troubleshooting, the core network faces huge pressure of alarms. The root causes of those alarms can be located only through measures including looking into cases, checking KPIs on the EMS, invoking operation logs, and more. With the use of the alarm analysis assistant, who learns common knowledge, expert experience, alarm cases, and all about the core network, more accurate alarm analysis and proactive network risk discovery are made possible. In addition, the alarm analysis assistant interconnects with the trouble ticket system to autofill the tickets, improving the troubleshooting efficiency by one third.

The DAE oriented for 5GtoB services improves Zhejiang Mobile's core network O&M efficiency, and is akin to adding 30 plus experienced digital employees, preparing for the growth of 5GtoB services. Empowered by the DAE, even newbie engineers with less experience can handle the O&M work just like an expert, accelerating our O&M transformation. In the future, Zhejiang Mobile and Huawei will keep exploring more application scenarios of foundation models, promote technological innovation, product upgrades, and the autonomous core network to a higher level, and drive the rapid development of digital economy.

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