Jiangsu Mobile &Huawei's New Calling Solution won Excellent “Innovative Application”Award

Updated:2023/12/12 14:26

Recently, the ICT Application Innovation and Development Forum hosted by the China Association of Communication Enterprises was held during the 4th Digital Transformation-Driven High-Quality Development Conference. During the forum, innovation application cases selected by ICT China 2023 were announced. The New Calling solution from Jiangsu Mobile and Huawei was selected as Excellent Innovative Application Case.

Excellent Innovative Application Case selected by the Innovation Project of ICT China 2023

New Calling leverages multimedia to redefine traditional calling services through the use of IMS data channels, as defined by 3GPP, to provide users with an immersive, interactive calling experience. In addition to rejuvenating traditional calling services, New Calling injects new vitality into the development of 5G, fuels the digital transformation of industries, and stimulates business model upgrades. In short, it opens up a new paradigm for communications.

Jiangsu Mobile and Huawei jointly launched the New Calling solution, which innovatively adds a New Calling Platform (NCP) and Unified Media Function (UMF) to the existing voice network to form a network platform. By using this platform, New Calling is able to provide three competitive calling capabilities — UHD calling, intelligent calling, and interactive calling. These capabilities help roll out an array of innovative services, such as visualized voice calling, real-time translation, fun calling, and remote assistance. The above services enrich experiences across a range of scenarios — such as overseas travel, communication with hard-of-hearing people, and social interaction — as well as being widely used in finance, public services, logistics, manufacturing, and many more sectors. New Calling redefines the dial pad, helping to improve communication efficiency and achieve business monetization.

Visualized voice calling, an enhanced function of 5G New Calling, is innovatively launched by Jiangsu Mobile. With this function, called party can show their avaters to the calling party and transfer information such as audio, videos, and images during calls. Even if the camera is disabled, the conversation is elevated to new heights with interactive videos and images, amplifying the effects of sound. Avatar and auto transcription provided by visualized voice calling will significantly increase the service efficiency in various fields, such as culture, tourism, and finance, facilitating the information flow and improving the calling experience. In addition, they enable users to express their personalities and have fun during phone calls, renewing users' calling habits and greatly improving the overall quality.

As the first mover in New Calling services, China Mobile proposed 5G New Calling as one of their main strategic products in 2022, aiming to build a calling-based service platform and develop brand-new 5G applications for users. In the second half of 2023, China Mobile commenced the construction of a New Calling network throughout 31 provinces in China. At the end of September, New Calling services have been launched in multiple provinces such as Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Once users subscribe to the services at a China Mobile customer service center or through the China Mobile app, they can enjoy various innovative services such as fun calling, real-time translation, and visualized voice calling.

New Calling will give rise to infinite opportunities for operators' voice and video services, and add greater value to the native call screen. To build an open, cooperative, and win-win New Calling ecosystem, all parties need to make concerted efforts. It is expected that more partners can participate in the construction of such an ecosystem, work together to promote the development and prosperity of New Calling, and create a bright future for the calling industry.

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