Huawei's Chen Haiyong: Simplicity, Intelligence, and Openness Reignite the Voice Industry

Updated:2023/10/27 13:03

At the New Calling Summit hosted by Informa Tech in Paris on October 25, Chen Haiyong, President of the CS&IMS Domain of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, delivered a keynote speech titled "Simplicity, Intelligence, and Openness Reignite the Voice Industry". He pointed out that by building a simplified, intelligent, and open voice and video basic network and leveraging new technologies such as XR, we can create new growth space for the voice industry.

  Chen Haiyong delivering a keynote speech

Over the history of voice communication, telephones and mobile phones are absolutely game-changers that have greatly changed the way people communicate with each other and ushered in an era of universal communication. Now, as 5G and intelligence technologies develop, New Calling appears as another revolutionary service that opens a new page in the history of communication. Chen Haiyong pointed out that 5G voice services will go through three development phases, and operators should build a robust basic voice network, and based on which develop innovative services, improve user experiences, and enable diverse industries, so as to take the voice industry to new heights.

Phase 1: Construction of the 5G basic voice network

The 5G-oriented voice network evolution is in full swing and traditional 2G/3G networks are phasing out. These pose great challenges to the basic voice network in terms of network reliability, stability, and simplicity. To address these challenges, Huawei proposed the Single Voice Core (SVC) solution. This solution uses a simplified and efficient convergent core network to implement service access and processing for 2G to 5G range and fixed-line users. In this way, it facilitates both the smooth phase-out of 2G/3G networks and the evolution towards 5G. In addition, this solution opens basic network capabilities to external developers through APIs so that they can innovate New Calling services, which ensures a highly stable, reliable, and simplified network while offering diverse brand-new services.

Phase 2: User growth and experience optimization

User migration and interconnection are the key to ensuring optimal user experiences. In terms of user growth, Huawei launched the VoLTE Suite solution, which can provide operators with multiple measures, such as business user service assurance and network KPI optimization, to improve user experiences and spectral efficiency, helping them accelerate VoLTE user migration. In terms of interconnection, Huawei offers IWF roaming and S8HR roaming solutions based on the fully convergent SVC network, to help operators quickly build VoLTE roaming networks, accelerate 2G/3G network phase-out, and ensure roaming service revenues.

Phase 3: Service innovation and value improvement

By adding HD, interactive, and intelligent capabilities to calling and opening up network capabilities, New Calling can provide innovative service experiences for users. For one thing, it can use intelligent content generation, foundation models, and computing power to streamline the comprehension, interaction, and conversion of different modes of information flows such as audio, video, texts, and images, greatly improving interactive experiences for users. For another thing, New Calling can leverage the NaaS model to open network capabilities to developers and industry ISVs through standard APIs, thus helping build a New Calling service enabling platform. This platform will in turn fast-track service innovation and industry application ecosystem development, as well as open up a wider market space.

Huawei would like to work with all sectors of the industry to build simplified, intelligent, and open voice and video basic networks, to flourish the New Calling industry and bring brand-new service experiences to more users.

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