Huawei Sees 2022 Revenue of CNY 636.9 Billion

Updated:2022/12/31 15:01

Delivering the 2023 New Year's address on December 30, Huawei's Rotating Chairman Eric Xu said that the company's revenue for the year was expected to be CNY 636.9 billion, with business results as expected. The figure is basically flat from the 2021 revenue of CNY 636.8 billion.

ICT infrastructure maintained stable growth, terminal business slowed down in its decline, digital energy and Huawei Cloud were burgeoning, and smart auto parts embraced a remarkable surge in both competitiveness and user experience.

In 2022, Huawei was gradually out of the crisis by regarding U.S. sanctions as the new normal, he said. The year 2023 will be the first year and crucial year that the tech giant is back to business as usual under the new normal of the U.S. sanctions.

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