Huawei's 5G Base Station Shipments Exceed 1.2 Million

Updated:2022/5/20 14:24

During the convention of "2022 World Telecommunications and Information Society Day" held recently, Jiang Yafei, Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., stated that Huawei has received more than 100 commercial contracts for 5G technology, and completed the shipment of more than 1.2 million base stations. Furthermore, it was disclosed that Huawei actively participated in the "5G Application "Sailing" Action Planning (2021-2023)", and vigorously expanded the industrial application of 5G in steel, mining, cement, port, manufacturing, chemical and other fields.

At present, there are 200 5G commercial networks worldwide, 2.2 million+ 5G base stations have been established, 700 million+ 5G users have been developed, and the download rate has increased by 10 times. As a major force leading the development of global 5G technology, China has built the world's largest 5G network and has become the country with the largest number of 5G users in the world.

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