Huawei to Increase Investment in Data Storage

Updated:2022/5/17 14:38

As recently denoted by Wang Tao, Managing Director and Director of ICT Infrastructure Business Management Committee of Huawei, Huawei is to increase its investment in data storage in the future to help its customers achieve "green, accelerated, and innovative" data infrastructure.

Huawei sees digital transformation as a shared development opportunity in the world. As forecasted by Huawei GIV, by 2030, the number of global connections will exceed 200 billion, and the monthly data per cellular subscriber will increase by 40 times to 600G; the global general-purpose computing amount will grow 10 times, and the data generated will grow 23 times, reaching 1 YB for the first time. The era of digital infrastructure will soon arrive.

According to Wang Tao, digital infrastructure includes perception, connection, storage, and computing, as well as root technology and software ecosystem. Digital infrastructure with high reliability, high security, and high data transfer efficiency is crucial to the development of society as a whole. Data storage, computing, and networking are Huawei's core ICT products, key components of digital infrastructure, and the foundation of an intelligent world.

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