Huawei:No Plans to Gradually Withdraw from Overseas Markets

Updated:2022/3/3 13:27

Faced with unprecedented external pressure, the whole world is paying attention to whether Huawei will gradually withdraw from overseas markets. At MWC 2022 Barcelona, Huawei's rotating chairman Guo Ping clearly answered "No".

Facing the world, Guo Ping delivered a keynote speech online and stated: For customers who choose Huawei, Huawei will spare no effort to support them to achieve business success; In terms of standards, talents and supply chain, Huawei will unswervingly implement the globalization strategy.

Furthermore, he indicated that Huawei remains an active participant in the global event. As presenting Huawei’s new business vision of "GUIDE", he sincerely invited on-site and online attendees to join Huawei on a journey of leading and lighting the future.

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