China Unicom Beijing Branch and Huawei Announce "5G Capital" Innovation Project Achievements in 2021

Updated:2021/12/14 17:05

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei held a joint press conference to share the latest achievements of their 5G Capital project. During the conference, the two invited the media to experience about 5G networks and applications through “snow experience tours”, covering the highway, stadium and rural scenarios. Through the 5G Capital project, both parites aim to turn Beijing into a global benchmark for 5G and build a Gigabit city to empower a shared meta life in the capital.

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Building a Gigabit City with All-Scenario 5G Gigabit Networks

As China's political center and a populous metropolis, Beijing always has an enormous demand for mobile communications across a variety of complex, exacting scenarios. Fulfilling the needs of diverse services and applications requires networks to provide strong capabilities. As such, building high quality 5G networks that meet different requirements for user experience in this huge city are one of major goals China Unicom Beijing and Huawei have prioritized in their '5G Capital project' for 2021.

The “snow experience tour” features nearly 20 applications along the Beijing-Tibet expressway, at the national alpine skiing and sliding centers in Beijing's Yanqing District, and in Beijing's outskirt Fuyukou village, showcasing the impressive uplink and downlink capabilities of 5G Gigabit networks in both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Yang Lifan, the deputy general manager of China Unicom Beijing, explained the main highlights of the 5G Capital project in 2021. "We have continued to build outstanding 5G networks for scaled commercial rollout and only shared what we achieve with these networks. With smart operations and based on the user-centric network assessment criteria released in May this year, we focused on new deployment, optimization, and maintenance to build 5G Gigabit networks that guarantee a Gigabit experience in various scenarios."

Ritchie Peng, President of Huawei's 5G Product Line, commented on the achievements of the 5G Capital project. "Since the project was launched in April last year, we have been working with China Unicom Beijing on piloting and commercially rolling out 10 solutions, including MetaAAU, indoor ubiquitous Gigabit, and Super Uplink. Together, we have established a global benchmark for 5G. We are very happy to see that China Unicom Beijing's networks have been used in several experience tours this year, demonstrating strong 5G capabilities in bustling playgrounds, highways, mountains, and rural areas. Through innovation, we will continue to help China Unicom Beijing build outstanding 5G networks."

Fan Liqun, the head of the 5G co-construction and sharing work group; Cai Kai, the general manager of the network optimization center; and Jin Ye, the general manager of the digitalization division in China Unicom Beijing, described smart operations as a systematic capability in digital operations and infrastructure. Marvin Chen, President of Huawei's DIS product line, summarized the innovative solutions Huawei has implemented for the 5G Capital project.

Going Smart for a Shared MetaLife

Continuous 5G coverage has enabled China Unicom Beijing to deliver 10 new 5G services for users on board the Beijing-Tibet expressway dotted with many tunnels, traveling at a speed of nearly 100 km/h. These services provide 5G ultra-fast upload and download, focus tracking of 5G live broadcast, 5G sports game viewing, 5G fun play (digital currency), 5G cloud gaming, 5G real-time conferencing, voice calling over sports watches, health monitoring, and 5G in-vehicle network applications.

In addition, at the national alpine skiing and sliding centers in the Yanqing District, China Unicom Beijing provides players and spectators with tons of smart services, including smart protection against COVID-19, real-time weather monitoring, 5G broadcast backpacks, push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) handheld terminals, material management, and 5G first aid to maximize the 5G uplink and downlink Gigabit capabilities.

Furthermore, thanks to China Unicom Beijing's 5G networks in Foyukou, a village at the outskirt of Beijing, HD live broadcasting and photo sharing on social media platforms have enabled the locals to improve online sales channels to increase sales. Through 5G networks, they directly buy and sell products on China Unicom Beijing's service apps, enjoying the benefits of building "digital villages".

China Unicom Beijing and Huawei have jointly built 5G Gigabit networks for multiple scenarios and worked with partners to develop and improve end-to-end 5G models from applications, terminals, networks, and businesses, exploring a shared metalife. The snow experience tours are emblematic of China Unicom Beijing's 5G network construction across various scenarios as the operator continues to build a global 5G benchmark in the capital.

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