HarmonyOS Opened for Business

Updated:2021/9/17 08:44

Huawei on September 14 announced the launch of its HarmonyOS Mine Operating System. It’s the company’s first attempt to extend HarmonyOS from consumer-oriented scenarios to industrial settings for commercial use.

Co-unveiled by Huawei and CHN Energy, HarmonyOS for Mining will bring the power of the IoT to the mining sector and improve the connectivity between agreements and equipment. It also provides services for the digital and intelligent transformation of the coal industry fundamentally.

“The evolution over the past decade in the mobile Internet will happen in the industrial Internet again. The potential of HarmonyOS applications in the mining industry is higher than expected and they will serve as the foundation of the next generation of the industrial Internet”, said Zou Zhilei, Huawei’s Senior Vice President and Chairman of Coal Mine Corp.

Coal Mine Corp is a new Huawei subsidiary established in March this year and Mr. Zou was appointed last December.

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