Huawei Never Abandon Mobile Phone Business

Updated:2021/8/19 14:00

In a meeting with new employees, Guo Ping, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, addressed that he believes consumer business would survive, and Huawei would never abandon mobile phone business.

In Guo Ping´s point of view, although the United States has created many difficulties for Huawei, these difficulties could be overcome. Currently, the greatest obstacle Huawei faces is the mobile phone sector. Advanced chips with small size and low power consumption is a must for mobile phones. Huawei has designed such chips, but there is no manufacturer. Huawei and its partners in the industry chain are still making great efforts to walk out of such a dilemma.

Despite the hindered mobile phone business, Huawei has made great strides in various sectors, including whole-house intelligence, AF, display devices, sports and health. “Even if someone closes this window, many doors are opened for you.” Guo Ping said, “I believe consumer business would survive. We will never abandon mobile phone business.”

“Huawei will maintain its role in the mobile phone sector. As our capability of manufacturing chips improves, we will finally make an astonishing breakthrough with our mobile phone products,” Guo Ping stated.

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