Huawei under No Illusion about Removal from US "Entity List"

Updated:2021/4/14 15:24

 "Huawei is under no illusion about being removed from the 'Entity List'. Under the assumption that we will stay on the 'Entity List' perpetually, we work out strategies and concrete measures revolving around our survival and growth regardless of the long-standing impact of the 'Entity List'," said Xu Zhijun, Huawei's Rotating Chair, speaking at the HAS 2021 Global Analyst Summit.

Addressing "Maintain Strategic Composure in the Face of Major Challenges", Mr. Xu briefed on the company's business situation and expounded on five key strategic moves for future development. "Last year we mainly struggled under ongoing sanctions. This year, we attain breathing space for deliberating where and how we are going," said Mr. Xu.

The global "chip crisis" is attributable to panic stockpiling under the impact of US sanctions against Huawei, which may give rise to a new worldwide economic crisis in the future. Mr. Xu emphasized, to make the entire semiconductor industry run under normal business order anew, the only way is to rebuild global confidence and restore international cooperation in the semiconductor industry chain. He then appealed to leaders around the globe to fully recognize huge risks in existence and use their best endeavor to restore supply and demand balance in the industry.

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