Chengdong Yu to Concurrently Serve as President of Huawei Cloud and Computing BG

Updated:2021/1/29 09:22

According to insiders from Huawei, the company issued a document today to restructure its personnel as follows:

Chengdong Yu, the current CEO of Consumer BG at Huawei Technologies, is to assume additional positions as the President of Cloud & AI BG, the Director of the Administration Management Team of Cloud & AI BG, the President of Cloud BU, and the Director of the Administration Management Team of Cloud BU. Jinlong Hou, the current President of Cloud and Computing BG, is to assume the position as the President of Huawei Digital Power Product Line.

In January 2020, Huawei implemented a new round of restructuring of its organizational structure by elevating Cloud & AI to Huawei’s fourth BG, the other three being operator BG, enterprise BG, and consumer BG.

Huawei officially defines the responsibilities of Cloud & AI BG as contributing to competitive edges and business triumphs of Huawei’s cloud and computing industry, as well as the R&D, marketing, ecology, technical sales, consulting, and integrated enabling services of the cloud and computing industry.

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