Huawei Has No Plans to Sell Its Mobile Phone Business

Updated:2021/1/26 20:15

Against the rumors that the mobile phone business of Huawei brand will be sold, Huawei made a response today, indicating that there are no relevant plans at all.

According to Reuters, news revealed that, similar to the sale of Honor, Huawei is negotiating with a consortium led by a company backed by the Shanghai government on the sale of high-end smartphone series P and Mate, and the negotiations have lasted for several months.

Moreover, there is news that, according to insiders, Huawei has not ceased the research and development of the P and Mate series. In addition to the Kirin 9000 chip obtained before for the Mate 40, it also reserves a part for the subsequent P 50 and Mate 50.

In this regard, Huawei disclosed to C114 that the company has no plans to sell its mobile phone business at all, but will insist on building the global leading high-end smartphone brand, and strive to provide consumers with prominent product experience and services.

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