2020 Top 500-Private-Enterprise List Launched, Huawei Ranks No.1 Again

Updated:2020/9/10 22:17

This morning, the 2020 Chinese Top 500 Private Enterprises Summit was held in Beijing. The list of top 500 private enterprises in 2020 was launched in the meeting.

According to the list, Huawei ranks first again with its revenue of over 850 billion yuan in lists of top 500 private enterprises and top 500 private manufacturing enterprises. Lenovo ranks No.7, Xiaomi ranks No.18, TCL Group ranks No.34, Hengtong ranks No.49, Baidu ranks No.50, and NetEase ranks No.138.

The report says the threshold for the finalists of the top 500 private enterprises reaches 20.204 billion yuan this year, with an increase of 1.618 billion yuan over last year. The total avenue of the top 500 private enterprises is 30.17 trillion yuan, with a 5.85% increase from the previous year. The general assets are 36.96 trillion yuan, with a 6.78% increase over last year. The NPAT is 1.39 trillion yuan, up 8.06% from last year. The total amount of paid tax by the top 500 private enterprises is 1.37 trillion yuan, accounting for 8.70% of the national total tax revenue.

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