Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating Chairman: Huawei will Maintain Its Investment in HiSilicon

Updated:2020/9/5 18:09

Recently, Guo Ping, Huawei Rotating Chairman had a discussion with new employees. He believes that the direct product specifications added on May 15th this year have brought some difficulties to Huawei, but not insurmountable ones. Essentially, it is an issue of process, cost and time.

In the interactive Q&A session with the new employees, Guo Ping said that Huawei will continue to maintain its investment in HiSilicon and help front-end partners improve and construct their own capabilities when talking about whether HiSilicon’s strategic position in Huawei has changed. He believes that we will witness a stronger HiSilicon within a few years.

Regarding Hongmeng System, Guo Ping said, “Our decision to make HMS is not a simple one. It is very difficult and challenging! Nevertheless, the progress made so far is better than expected. Since Huawei can promote Android to succeed, there is no reason that our own system cannot make it.”

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