Huawei: Continues to Stand with Meng in Her Pursuit For Justice and Freedom

Updated:2020/5/29 00:00

The British Columbia High Court ruled on the morning of May 27 local time on the issue of "double criminality" in the Meng Wanzhou case, finding that Huawei Vice Chairman and CFO Meng met the "double criminality" standard, so her extradition trial will continue.

Huawei expressed disappointment and said it would continue to support Ms. Meng in seeking a fair judgment and freedom.

Huawei issued the following statement:

Huawei is disappointed in the ruling today by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, we have repeatedly expressed confidence in Ms. Meng's innocence. Huawei continues to stand with Ms. Meng in her pursuit for justice and freedom.

We expect that Canada's judicial system will ultimately prove Ms. Meng's innocence. Ms. Meng's lawyers will continue to work tirelessly to see justice is served.

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