Huawei Ark Compiler¡¯s Open Source Website Launched

Updated:2019/9/3 23:45

The official Open Source website of Huawei Ark Compiler was officially launched on August 31. The sources opened by Ark Compiler are part of the source codes of the compiler framework, according to Huawei. They include the intermediate representation (IR) of the compiler and the implementation of language compilation, along with other binary components of the compiler, realizing the compiling process from Java program to aarch64 assembly instruction.

Huawei Ark compiler features the following four highlights:

Highlight 1. It is the first jointly optimized multi-language compiler, eliminating the cross-language call expense.

Highlight 2. It doesn’t need to rely on the virtual machine when the program is running, reducing resource occupation.

Highlight 3. It can flexibly compile and optimize different applications.

Highlight 4. It provides developers a low-cost learning and using opportunity.

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