Huawei Ranks No.1 on the Carrier-Grade Router Market

Updated:2019/4/10 22:38

According to the recent market report published by IHS Markit, in 2018, Huawei’s annual revenue from routers on the carrier market rose by 8.6%, propelling it to the top, holding 30% of the market share. Following Huawei’s success in seizing the top spot for the global carrier market share with its IP core routers in 2017, this is also the first time for Huawei in breaking the record on the annual market share of the entire carrier IP routers.

“The past three years (experiencing the change of market structure) have witnessed the development of a Chinese supplier. Now the investment on telecommunications infrastructure in China has reached a very high level. Huawei also succeeds beyond China, and gripped its claws firmly in other regions of Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Central America and Latin America (CALA).” The report indicates that “in particular, in Q4 2018, Huawei has had a sharp rise in IP core routers, occupying 47% of the market share, and breaking the record.”

Cisco, the brand the world wasn’t able to catch up with on the data communications (router and switch) market, developed the first routing product, AGS, and had always been the most powerful technology leader. It took 23 years for Huawei to overtake it.

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