There is True Love in the World Indeed: A Diary of Meng Wanzhou

Updated:2018/12/21 18:24

On December 17, Huawei’s Branch Office in Japan received a special letter from an ordinary citizen in Tokyo Prefecture, which expressed the grief for Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Canada and the appreciation for Huawei's contribution to Japan. This letter particularly mentioned the fact that when the earthquake hit Japan, whereas most companies were either retreating or fleeing, Huawei was the only company to resolutely and determinedly enter the disaster area, despite that the danger had yet been eliminated, and to repair the communication facilities damaged by the earthquake.

The followings are excerpts from the diary of Meng Wanzhou:

Here, I will still quote a saying that has been said countless times “There is true love in the world indeed”. It is only when I was caught in frustration that I realized that so many strangers used to be concerned with me. While waiting for formalities in court on the day of bail, I learnt from the chat with my lawyer that their law office received a lot of phone calls from strangers who offered to contribute their own property as my guarantee, despite the fact that they are not my acquaintance and even don't know me before. But, they know Huawei and they recognize Huawei, and this is why they choose to believe me. My lawyer said that during his past forty years of career, it's the first time that he has witnessed something like this: showing the will to guarantee someone they don't know. Upon listening to his words, I couldn’t help crying, not for myself, but for that so many people are willing to put their faith in me and for those strangers who trusted me.

I have rarely mentioned this experience about post-disaster reconstruction, and it is nothing to be proud of, but just the share of my own work. Just as the saying goes: one good turn deserves another; it never occurred to me that this return a favor was presented to me in a letter from an ordinary Japanese, for which I am deeply proud and relieved.

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