China Mobile to Establish Metaverse Industry Alliance

Updated:2023/6/29 17:20

China Mobile is scheduled to hold a press conference launching China Mobile Metaverse Industry Alliance on June 28, announced Zhou Wu, Deputy General Manager of the Market Operations Department of China Mobile during a press briefing on June 27th. The aim is to accelerate the development of the metaverse sector and facilitate the rollout of metaverse products in the industry ecosystem, with the alliance's initial members and representatives from metaverse ecosystem partners expected to attend the launch ceremony.

According to Zhou Wu, China Mobile Metaverse Industry Alliance is the first metaverse industry alliance in the computing power network ecosystem. It assimilates the fundamental elements of China Mobile's alliances, laboratories, and partners, and harnesses system resources to establish a metaverse alliance ecosystem, thus fostering the most robust "metaverse community" around the globe. The initial cohort of 24 alliance members will concentrate on four areas: metaverse content creation, XR terminals, essential technologies, and computing network, aiming to synergize their respective capabilities, encourage constructive interactions, facilitate resource sharing, and drive integrated advancement.

Additionally, China Mobile Metaverse Industry Alliance will unveil "One Fund + Four Support Policies". On one hand, the introduction of the Metaverse Industry Fund, or the "China Mobile Innovation Fund", will serve as a secondary investment platform for metaverse development. It will provide financing services to alliance members and support exceptional metaverse projects, technologies, and enterprises by leveraging funds and nurturing exemplary models. On the other hand, utilizing China Mobile's abundant resources, the alliance will extend support policies to its members, encompassing copyright investment, R&D assistance, resource subsidies, and capacity-building initiatives, so as to expedite the contributions of metaverse technologies and applications to economic and social development.

Furthermore, China Mobile brings forth the first metaverse industry standards. China Mobile has played a leading role in formulating the first unified standards for XR terminal interconnection in China, known as GSXR, which will be officially released to steer the development of the XR industry.

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