Qinghai Province Achieves Full 5G Network Coverage in Township Area

Updated:2022/12/30 15:35

Qinghai Province now achieves 100% 5G network coverage in counties and townships with 73% of administrative villages covered by 5G networks, as a result of the provincial effort in promoting penetration of 5G and other high-quality networks in agricultural and pastoral areas earlier this year. Up to the end of November, the province completed telecom fixed asset investment of CNY 2.005 billion, with a total of 10,085 5G base stations built and opened, up 3,647 from a year earlier, and 16.98 5G base stations per 10,000 persons.

In consumption, 5G has brought new experience featuring higher rates, higher reliability and access to more scenarios to consumers, alongside an explosion in traffic. In the first eleven months of the year, Qinghai Province saw a YoY 29.56% surge in mobile Internet traffic to 1.591 billion GB, 10.96% higher than the national average (18.6%), and topped other provinces in growth rate; in November alone, the province's DOU per household reached 25.02 GB, 8.44GB above the national average (16.58GB), and came second nationwide.

Meanwhile, 5G+clean energy, 5G+smart mining, 5G+smart salt lake, 5G+smart healthcare, 5G+smart cultural tourism and other flourishing types of business in the province are providing a new digital impetus to prosperity in every aspect of society.

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