China Mobileú║Comprehensive Support for the Construction of "Fully-connected" 5G Factories

Updated:2022/11/23 20:15

A heated discussion has been made on "fully-connected 5G factories" by the industry at the 2022 China 5G+Industrial Internet Conference. It is pointed out by Chen Yurong, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile (Shanghai) Industrial Research Institute, when delivering the speech that fully-connected 5G factories include steel, mining, ports and the like in addition to factories at the sub-forum of "Fully-connected 5G Factories— Intelligent Manufacturing" undertaken by China Mobile. 5G fully connected factories consist of three parts: first, the process is fully covered by 5G; second, 5G scenarios are fully applied; third, production factors are fully connected by 5G.

The "1+1+1+N" competence system, that is, one industrial Internet platform, one 5G industrial private network, one kind of 5G industrial terminal and N fully connected scenarios, has been developed based on the globally largest 5G network composed of more than 1.25 million 5G base stations of China Mobile, with OnePower industrial Internet platforms having been launched in 26 provinces so as to provide comprehensive support for the construction of 5G fully connected factories.

Based on the strategic blueprint of fully-connected 5G factories, China Mobile has become a pioneer in this regard, with a large number of benchmark applications made available in smart factories, mining, and ports, to name but a few.

"China Mobile has been involved in over 3,000 5G+industrial Internet projects for over three years." disclosed Chen Yurong.

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