China Mobile Gets 24.537 Million New 5G Users in August

Updated:2021/9/24 14:59

According to the statistics on the official website of China Mobile, in August, 2021, the number of CMCC users witnessed a net increase of 3.635 million, with the total number of CMCC users totaling 951.1 million.

In August, the number of CMCC 5G users witnessed a net increase of 24.537 million, contributing to a total number of 304.145 million. As explained by China Mobile, “5G users” refers to individual mobile phone users subscribing for 5G package, excluding users who did not subscribe 5G package and only shares 5G package resources. The number of 4G users of China Mobile witnessed a net increase of 5.645 million, reaching 811.095 million accumulatively.

In the same month, the number of wired broadband users of China Mobile achieved a net increase of 2.941 million, reaching 231.195 million in total.

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