China Mobile Releases 5G+Beidou High-precision Positioning Road Test Plan

Updated:2021/4/21 13:08

On April 19, China Mobile announced its 5G+Beidou high-precision positioning road test plan dubbed "Xingyao Action" at Auto Shanghai. The plan is intended to conduct a nationwide road test through cooperation with auto companies, marking that 5G+Beidou high-precision positioning technology is entering stage of massive measurement and application.

Led by China Mobile, Xingyao Action will jointly complete the road test covering 1 million km of roads and 100 cities in the next three years, with FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, GAC, Great Wall and other auto companies, as well as Bosch, Huawei and other industry chain partners. As the carrier's first nationwide road test with the broadest coverage and utmost variety of scenarios upon the launch of the 5G+Beidou high-precision positioning system in last October, it will further application of all-weather, all-day and all-geography precision temporal/spatial service system in ICV, autonomous driving, IVICS, etc. with depth.

China Mobile was granted a license for providing 5G services in 2019 and has built over 390 thousand 5G base stations and 4,400 Beidou differential positioning stations as well as the world's largest 5G+Beidou high-precision positioning system since then. By enabling dynamic centimeter-level and static millimeter-level positioning, it promotes evolution and development of car networking, autonomous driving, IVICS and other technologies and applications. The initiation of the road test plan is merely "Step One in the Long March". As 5G and Beidou high-precision positioning technologies deeply integrate with each other, it is bound to make a profound impact on ICV, autonomous driving and other transport industries.

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