China Telecom 5G SA Takes the Lead in Large-scale Commercial Use Globally and Releases 5G Customized

Updated:2020/11/8 22:43

Yesterday, China Telecom officially launched the world's first large-scale commercial use of 5G SA and released its 5G customized network.

Li Zhengmao, General Manager of China Telecom, stated that since the commercialization of 5G, China Telecom has consistently adhered to the 5G development strategy with SA as the goal, taken the lead in the smooth evolution to SA sharing, and achieved support for the three application scenarios of eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC.

Moreover, China Telecom took the lead in formulating the 5G SA Implementation Guidelines, providing significant guidance for the development and large-scale deployment of the global 5G SA industry, and is the first to deploy and achieve large-scale commercial use. Meanwhile, it adheres to the application-driven strategy, focuses on customer segmentation and creates 5G customized networks. Up to now, China Telecom has opened more than 320,000 5G sites, covering more than 300 cities, and has built the world's largest shared 5G network.

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