China Mobile Hubei Branch Has 5G Base Stations 3,000 Now

Updated:2020/6/6 15:07

With business resuming in Wuhan City through months of anti-epidemic efforts, China Mobile Hubei Branch has overall begun to construct the 5G network.

Mr. Gui Kunpeng, Senior Engineer with 5G Office of China Mobile Hubei Branch, recently revealed in an interview that, in 2020, China Mobile Hubei Branch has a total investment of 4.7 billion yuan in the 5G field with the aim to set up 13,000 base stations that form a high-quality 5G network over all cities, counties and townships in Hubei Province, particularly covering all Wuhan’s districts and suburbs.    

China Mobile Hubei Branch has now finished procurement of 5G main equipment and begun constructing the base stations. Till May 17, it has set up 3,000 base stations, looking to completion of all 5G constructions by the fourth quarter.

As per its plan, China Mobile Hubei Branch will open its SA core network in late June, connecting 5G base stations with the SA network, while retaining NSA functions only in core districts of Wuhan to meet the requirements for international roaming.

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