China Telecom's 5G Base Stations Reached 100,000

Updated:2020/5/18 23:42

During a series of activities on the “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day 2020”, Liu Guiqing, vice president of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd., expressed that China Telecom actively advances the joint construction and sharing of 5G with China Unicom, steps up efforts to build 5G networks, and creates an exquisite 5G network with wider coverage, faster network speed, lower cost and better experience. As of now, China Telecom has opened over 100,000 5G base stations. Meanwhile, it has adhered to the use of a Stand Alone (SA) architecture as always, and launched the world’s first stand-alone 5G network for commercial use in Shenzhen by the end of 2019.

“Network information security serves as the lifeline of new infrastructure construction,” said Mr. Liu. He underscored that the 5G technology and cloud network infrastructure should be firmly seized in one’s own hands.

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