CBN£ºTo Realize Nationwide 5G Coverage by the End of 2021

Updated:2020/5/18 23:41

The Deputy General Manager of the CBN, Zeng Qingjun, delivered a speech in the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day Conference in 2020. He said that CBN will strive to basically realize the nationwide 5G coverage and provide 5G universal services by the end of 2021 through taking full advantage of existed social network resources and accelerating the 5G network construction with partners in active response to national policy requirements for co-construction and sharing, interconnection and inter-network roaming, thereby meeting people’s new demands and new expectations.

5G Network of the CBN will adopt the SA networking mode, the simplified architecture plan, and technical paths of low frequency + medium frequency multi-frequency superposition and FDD+TDD cooperative networking.

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